Air Conditioning Solutions

With many years of expertise in the vehicle sector, Webasto develops air conditioning solutions for work and pleasure. Providing rooftop, integrated and self-contained systems which are engineered for high performance efficiency and reliability. Webasto is continuously investing to establish an extensive network of highly trained and certified sales & service providers for your peace of mind.


Ford Transit

Transit London Tie-in Extended - Service Parts - NEO controller

Kit #5013047

Transit London Tie-in - Service Parts - NEO controller

Kit # 5013045A

Ford Transit Vancouver - Extreme - Roof-Mounted Condenser

Kit # 5012363

Transit Vancouver Tie-In Spare Parts

Kit #5012355

Ford Transit Vancouver - Extreme - Extended Chassis

Kit #5012515

Transit London Tie In - Extended Body - Service Parts

Kit # 5012193

Ford Transit London - Extreme - Roof-Mounted Condenser_NEO Controller

Kit #5013292A

Transit Ibiza - Tie In - Spare Parts

Kit # 5011524

Transit London Extreme - Roof Top Condenser

Kit #5011632

Transit Vancouver Extreme - Wagon Body - Spare Parts

Kit #5012603

Transit Vancouver Extended - NEO Controller - Tie-in Service Parts

Kit #5013049

Transit London Extreme - Service Parts - NEO Controller

Kit # 5013319