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Thermo 90 ST = $3
,495.00 |  DBW 2010 = $4,125.00 | Air Top 2000 ST = $2,190.00 | Tandem 717 = $4,065.00 | BCT (BlueCool Truck) = $6,354.00 | C5T BlueCool Truck AT 2000 ST Combo = $7,914.00  (Note:  Air Top 2000 assumes the following models;  Air Top 2000, Air Top 2000S and Air Top 2000ST)

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Potential Savings using a Webasto

*NOTE: Webasto Product and Installation cost may vary between selling agents.


Cost to Idle Engine for Heating or Cooling

Webasto Product

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Webasto product*  

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Second year heating/cooling

Third year heating/cooling

Total heating/cooling cost for 3 years

Savings for three years with a Webasto product

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